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Mumbai(India) vs Shanghai(China)| Infrastructure Comparison印度孟买vs中国上海—基础设施的比较
原创翻译:龙腾网 翻译:叶良辰 转载请注明出处论坛地址: Guptamumbai is good?孟买好Just Science StudentYou are right?你是正确的EVERYTHING!! !India is the best?印度最好Shuang Huof course! After all, India is the largest city in the universe!?当然! 毕竟,印度是这个宇宙中最大的城市.Raj SapkotaWow !Shanghai is looking really awesome.Now i will go there.Srry Mumbai it's looking so dusty. You have senile infrastructure and merely sporadic skyline totally unmanaged apartment,buildings.?哇!上海看起来真的棒现在我要去那里抱歉,孟买看起来这么脏.老旧的基础设施,少得可怜的零星天际线几乎杂乱无章的建筑,公寓.Delta BoyI'm an Indian. An Indian who can accept the truth..India is no where near China in any terms... They both have around 1.3 billion Population... But There is a big difference in GDP, living standard and infrastructure.. The income equality gap is too large in India..British colonisation and lack of strong leadership has led us to what India is today...But one thing I can agree that Indians and Chinese are really hard working people, we have reach heritage to share..China, Russia and India together trasfer the power from West to Asia but we have to forget what happened in past this the only way.. Isolating the countries won't help..?我是个印度人. 印度人能接受事实..印度在任何方面都无法接近中国....两国人口都是13亿左右...但是GDP、生活水平、基础设施差距很大..印度的收入差距太大了..我们缺少强力的领导人,再加上英国的殖民,导致了印度现今的结果...但是有一件事我是赞同的:印中两国的人民都工作努力,我们有传统可以互相共享..中国,俄罗斯和印度一起,可以把权力从西方转到亚洲但是我们必须忘记过去的事情,(着眼未来)这是唯一的办法孤立一个国家,没有什么益处.poortaiwaneseIndia is the next super power and I'm chinese.?印度是下一个超级大国. 我是中国人.Kalu Gurungpoortaiwanese yap your 100 percent ChineseAnd India will be Number 1 in the worldAnd even India Rule the World ! And it will be so insult or Reputation less to compare Super India with Poor China?你100%是中国人.印度将是世界第一.还有,印度会统治全世界!把超级大国印度跟穷中国对比,那是侮辱了印度的名声.Shuang HuYou're right! Now India is already the most powerful country in the world!In the future, will become the most powerful country in the universe!?你说的对!印度现在已经是全世界最强国家!即将升级为全宇宙最强国家!Forrest FreeriMumbai is way better than Shanghai from every aspect.We believe that Mumbai will be the center of the globe in the coming future.从任何一方面来说,孟买都远远好于上海.我们相信孟买很快地将成为全球中心enzhusCome on, Mumbai is already center of the universe! My latest research have found all earth crust, the Solar system and the universe are circling around Mumbai because it's the largest black hole in the universe.?嘿,孟买已经是全宇宙中心了!我最新的研究发现,整个地表,太阳系和宇宙都围着孟买转因为孟买是宇宙中最大的黑洞.Trushank Jadhavas a Indian not say lie but I really feel Shanghai is cool Mumbai will take more 10 years to be best?作为一个印度人不说谎但我真的觉得上海是酷的孟买将要花10年才能达到最好Frank ZMumbai looks pretty nice. Want to go to travel to there?孟买看起来非常好.想要去那旅游了Omkar NevrekarFrank Z come soon!?快来!Queen KingI have pity for you. Don't self abuse like this, it's painful to always feel inferior. You should compare mumbai to some third tier city in China and you will feel better.?我为你可怜.不要这样子虐待自己.总处在自卑中是一种痛苦.你应该把孟买跟中国的3线城市比较,这样你就感受好一些.gaurav malhotraatleast we dont sleep in sleeping cells . and dead calm like somebody owned you . india is way to free than china yes it might be dirty . may be freedom allows you to . but it gives you freedom to do anything choose any religion even most of religions were formed in this country and we have space for all kind of people . we dont complain we adjust . and your luxury materialstic city looks beautiful from the outside but its just build upon with lots of stress and pain and sufferings but we dont take stress because we busy loving whatever is given to us and work around lovingly happily whenever we want however we want. so thats plus living in india?至少我们不是昏睡于铁屋里,一生属俯于他人.印度也许脏了点,但是它远比中国zy.在印度,你可以zy地做任何事情你可以选择信仰任何宗教,那些宗教甚至塑造了这个国家我们的每个公民都拥有空间.我们没有抱怨. 我们适应着.你们奢侈的物欲横流的城市,从外面看起来是漂亮但是它是建立在很多压迫、痛苦、悲惨之上的但是我们没有压迫,因为我们很满足于自己所得到的.无论何时何地,我们都如愿地幸福快乐的工作.因此,这是生活在印度的一个加分项.Ryan WatsonIts Indian by nature speaks blah blah blah they will build that they will buy that blah blah blah...but no work.So its like a good dream not in reality.So who cares India.Whereas Chinese cities were build already like Newyork ,Chicago ,Melbourne.?印度人的一个特性是废话连篇,他们要建那个,他们要买那个,blablablabal.....就是光说不做.因此,那就是个梦,不是现实.这样,谁在乎印度啊然而中国城市已经像纽约、芝加哥、墨尔本.Loveljeet Singh Maheraindia built a gift city which is far better than shangai. go and search and see the modle of gift city. you idiot chinese.印度已经建造一个远比上海好的精品城市.去搜索精品城市的样品看看.你个白痴中国人.Emman CatubigIndia is Dirty. All in India's place is dirty. Everywhere in India is Dirty?印度脏. 印度每个地方都脏. 印度无处不脏.Ritesh SharmaEmman Catubig India is not dirty you are motherfucker?印度不脏. 你是X老母之人.Jiapeng MaI fully support u, since India is the best one in Asia! we chinese have to work hard to catch up with u!?我完全支持你.因为印度是亚洲最好之一!我们中国人必须努力工作赶上你们.Crazy GirlRitesh Sharma u motherfucker pee drinker你 X老母之人 饮尿之人.Lalboi SimteHow can u say that???你怎么能那样说??vaibhav bodakeHow dare you to say this nonsense ....?你怎么可以说这种废话....vaibhav bodakeDirty is your mind and vision....?脏的是你的思想和见识....DRIFT VELOCITYsanghai looks so poor with cheap works?上海看起来穷又低工资.fu chumumbai is very rich for slum?孟买对贫民窟来说非常富裕.silent travellerYes! Shanghai not only looks poor, it is poor.Mumbai is very so much richer than Shanghai.People in India should stop comparing with it. It is an insult for India as well as China.best wishes from China.?是的! 上海不仅看起来穷,它就是穷.孟买比上海富裕多了.在印度的人,应该停止做这种比较.(做这种比较)侮辱了印度,也侮辱了中国.中国最大的愿望(停止比较)SAURAV KUMARwhen all underconstruction building is completed then mumbai skyline be better?当所有正在建造的建筑物都建好后,孟买的天际线会更好.Abdulazghar Shaikin mumbai more than 300 skyscrapers and 19 mega buildings are in underconstruction,by the end of 2k19 all buildings will b completed then it l compete with Shanghai in skylines?在孟买,有300座摩天大楼和19个大型建筑物正在建造中.到2k19年,所有的建筑物将建造完毕.到那时它的天际线就能和上海比比了..Kagami samaSAURAV KUMAR lol Mumbai is building and Shanghai is building too, Shanghai alr has the fourth most skyscrapers in the world currently.?笑.孟买在建设,上海也在建设啊.目前上海的摩天大楼是全世界第四名Jalehi Tvits true that mumbai will take a decade to become like shanghai.... but i love my india?真实的情况是,孟买要花十年才能变得跟上海一样....但是我爱我的印度.董国庆Khilesh Jagnik i don't understand why indian always take India compare with china..?我不理解为什么印度人总把印度对比中国....Jalehi Tv董国庆 coz we indians love china...and jackey chan?因为印度人爱中国....和成龙.Tejas Morebecause it has great wall of china and we have TAJ MAHAL?因为中国有长城,我们有泰姬陵MaD SaMKhilesh Jagnik by that time shanghai will be much more developed到那时,上海将会更发达了G Ri appreciate you for your opinion, but it might take a tiny Little big longer that your estimation, which is 4eve我欣赏你的观点但是它可能需要的时间比你所估计的更长一点点那就是“永远”Yang JamesNot true, Mumbai had overtaken Shanghai in 7 years ago?假的,孟买已经在7年前超过上海了.Jalehi TvGuohao Shen... no bro u r wrong..... india is the fastest developing country in the world.... it is developing much more faster than china.....u can search it on Google.... and im a person who always believes in rational things...?不,兄弟,你错了....印度是全世界发展最快的国家比中国快多了.....你可以搜索谷歌......另外,我是一个信奉理性的人.....Ji Zhefirst india win. 2rd you guys need built more toliet. 3rd more toliet plz?第一,印度赢.第二,你们需要建造更多的厕所第三,更多的厕所. 拜托SAHAL BIN SHAMSMumbai is far better than shanghai?孟买远比上海发达J S.Why do you want to compare with Shanghai? Not one city in the world compares to it.It's not just the infrastructural but more importantly the Shanghai people are the smartest in the world.Be real.?你们为什么要跟上海比?全世界没有哪个城市能比肩上海的它不仅是基础设施的问题更重要的是上海人是全世界最聪明的.现实点吧Manjit Singhi m indian and i have to Shangai is better than Mumbai?我是印度人,我必须承认上海比孟买发达Akash HastingI agree China has more advanced cities but we'll get there too someday but atleast people have freedom in India.... The Indian citizens are not imprisoned for expressing their views against the government unlike Chinas or any other communist country.... So which is better??? Soulless cities or freedom????????我同意中国有更多的先进城市但是总有一天我们也达到那种程度的但是,人们生活在印度至少有zy.印度公民不会因为发表反政府的看法而被监禁像中国或别的gc国家那样所以,哪个更好? 没有灵魂的城市还是zy???MarcAkash Hasting Of course freedom comes first, my friend. I believe there is a day in the future we can save the China and save the world with our democracy! Way do u say, bro??当然是zy第一,我亲爱的朋友.我相信有一天我们能用我们的“mz”拯救中国,拯救世界!按你说的,兄?Luca ChenI am Chinese。I live in Shanghai,Shanghai is called the Oriental Mumbai,It's a beautiful city。In recent years, Shanghai has developed rapidly。Mumbai friends need to work hard, or Shanghai may overtake Mumbai in 20 years. Love India.?我是个中国人我住在上海,上海被称为东方的孟买.它是个美丽的城市,上海近年来发展快速.孟买的朋友需要努力工作,不然上海可能在20年内赶上孟买.爱印度.Clashing WarriorsLuca Chen Shanghai is called the Oriental Paris not Mumbai!?上海是被称为东方的巴黎,不是孟买!M. IMRANshanghai vs mumbai comparison big joke?上海 vs 孟买的比较,大笑话Omkar NevrekarM. IMRAN here comes a jealous Pakistani?这里来了个嫉妒的巴基佬 (注:此层主为发视频的印度楼主,译者很迷惑他有何妙法一眼就判定巴基佬)M. IMRANhahahahahahahahaha really no have bathroom in india and you comparison with china hahahahahaha its a big joke?哈哈哈哈,真实是,印度没有浴室,然后你来跟中国做比较 哈哈哈哈,它就是个大笑话Tejas MoreM IMRAN U HAVE TERRORISTS MADE TO DESTROY SUCH HIGH TOWERS ..... ATLEAST INDIANS ARE TRYING BUT JEALOUS PAKISTANI ARE DESTROYING?你们有恐怖分子摧毁高塔........至少印度人是在努力而巴基佬是在毁灭ROCKY RAjputanaM. IMRAN brother Mumbai is known for bollywood cinema and India have atleast good cities to compare with other while Pakistan is known for terrorism . Pakistan look like a village nothing mulle?兄弟 孟买因宝莱坞电影而闻名于世至少印度有好的城市来跟别人对比然而巴基斯坦是以恐怖主义而闻名的.巴基斯坦看起来就是个村庄sourabh senStupid comparison, I am Indian. China hands down has better infrastructure compared to India and this makes sense, on how the government and availability of capital are structured. Stop saying India is superior, India is this... we need to observe the current problems and make it better. Constantly saying we are great, will not make us any better. Constructive criticism is very important.?愚蠢的比较.我是印度人.拿基础设施来比对,中国很轻松的胜出看看政府治理如何结合资本的运用,就会明白不要再说印度优越了我们印度需要做的是:研究当前的问题,解决它.经常大叫我们伟大,并不能使我们变得更好.建设性的批评是非常重要的.Sky Girlsourabh sen Indians need people like U?印度需要像你这样的人.ravinder ganwalI think not any Indian said India is superior, its Chinese who are making fun of India?我觉得,没有任何印度人说印度优越它是中国人用来取笑印度说的Rathod ShreyasIndia is growing fast than China under modi leading. Don't forget India is the largest democratic country. India democratic system much superior than communist system. Chinese ppl are just the slaves of the goverment and no freedom.?印度在莫迪的领导下,增长比中国快.不要忘了,印度是最大的mz国家印度的mz体制比gc体制优越多了中国只不过是政府的奴隶,没有zyRaj ParmarYa But the Chinese Infrastructure is weak it can collapse.?但是中国的基础设施是脆弱的,会崩.Raj ParmarIt is because China is a theifChina has made Artificial ilands in south China Sea.It steals oil and gas from the south China sea ,it sells its poor citizens Organs that's how China is making money .India is never stole anything it's working hard by itself.So India is way better then China overall.Just think China without stealing and illegal selling of Organs where will it be.?那是因为中国是个贼中国在南海人工造岛它从南海偷油和气它贩卖穷人的器官这就是中国人的赚钱方法印度从来没有偷任何东西,印度为自己努力工作所以,总的来说印度远比中国好想想要是中国不偷窃,不非法贩卖器官,它会在什么地方.Bts V FightingRaj Parmar Pendejo...Ye..I bet you never went to China b4..?Keep watching news from your land..?我赌你从来没去多中国继续看自己国家的新闻吧..Raj ParmarBts V FightingNo hateBut the thing which matter the most is who is right and wrongI want to visit China its an amazing country with a CultureAnd India & China had great trade Relationships in the ancient times.?并不是仇恨最主要的事情并不是谁对谁错我要去中国旅游,它是个棒的国家,棒的文化而且,印度和中国在古代有着伟大的贸易联系Raj ParmarBts V FightingChina is a communistEverything is isolated and the citizens of China are not awareThe state media of your channel is Brainwashing you.Recently China hacked American DataBase.Chinese Citizens are not aware about the Communist Government.?中国是gczy所有的事情都被隔绝了,中国公民没有意识到这点你们的接收到的国家媒体正在洗脑你们。最近中国黑进美国的数据库中国公民没有意识到gczy统治.Raj ParmarBts V FightingChina has border disputes with almost 19 Countries.中国几乎跟19个国家有边界纠纷Darsh Desaiyes we are still not at par but china is a communist country and India is a democracy, keep that in mind .?是的,我们还不能比肩中国但是中国是gczy国家,印度是mz的. 记住这一点OMGGGGXXXDarsh Desai So as an American, I rather to live in that communist country , are Indians all stupid like you are?作为一个美国人,我宁愿住在那个gczy国家. 印度人是不是都像你这么愚蠢?Darsh Desaifirst check your English, are all Americans uneducated like you?+OMGGGGGXXX?先检查你的英语.美国人是不是都像你这么文盲?Cannibal RonnySo bhenchodd whats u r point,just bcause we are a democracy we should accept corruption,pathetic living standards etc?What part of democracy are u enjoying bhenchoddd?spitting on roads?corruption?caste system?riots?no equality?women raped everywhere?black money?please let me know bhenchodd whats so good about the demiocracy?now u will say blah blah u cannot type here on Youtube if u were in China etc etc?arguments made by kids,ask any Chinese if they prefer a democracy or communism?chutiya saala?怎么?cnmd,你说什么?就是因为我们是mz的,所以我们应该接受腐败,可怜的生活水准,等等?cnmd,我们在享受哪一部分mz?随地吐痰? 腐败? 种姓? 骚乱? 不平等? 到处强奸妇女?黑钱?拜托,让我知道这么好的mz到底是什么.现在你还来blablabla什么如果住在中国就无法在youtube上评论等等?幼稚的辩论.去问问任何中国人,他们是喜欢mz还是gczy.Omkar NevrekarCannibal Ronny I don't know your lifestyle but we r enjoying the democracy I don't were do u live in India.Nothing can change overnight things r getting better and please don't be rude and disrespectful.At least India is respected by most of other countries. Even After being looted by many countries for many years India is today developed in many sectors.There are large scale investments by other countries in India y because they know there is their gain in doing so as India is the fastest growing economy(注:层主为楼主)我不知道你的生活方式,但是我们是在享受mz不知道你是否住在印度.没有什么东西能一夜之间变好的,请不要粗鲁,无礼.至少印度受到多数国家的尊敬.即使是被很多国家劫掠过很多年现在的印度在很多部门都有发展.印度受到了其他国家大规模的投资因为他们知道只要印度是增长最快的国家,他们就会有所收获.ofekzpeggy129Darsh Desai hahahaha this only proves that "communism" is superiot to your fake democracy. remember: democracy doesn't mean ballots and party politics. it means providing prosperity for the majority of your people: that's the real sign of people's rule. In this sense, china is way more democratic than india.?哈哈哈这只证明了一点,那就是gczy优越于你们的假mz.记住:mz并不意味着选票和政党政治.它意味着为自己的大多数人民提供繁荣:那才是人民做主的真正迹象. 从这个意义来说,中国比印度mz多了.Darsh Desaiyou are right but its because of this pro- liberals who are destroying our country, but also the caste system is still being broken down and as you know we are the world's largest democracy and our press enjoys more freedom than any other country你说的对.但是,那是因为那些支持zy主义的人在摧毁我们的国家.而且,种姓制度已经解决了.你知道,我们是世界上最大的mz国家,我们的新闻比其他国家享受更多的zy.forever0042000Darsh Desai plus i dont understand how is being democratic relevant when india is still full of corruption. china is communist but they really look after their own ppl. where india is dog eat dog you cant bring for every thing india is the largest democracy. i dont think indian democracy works. i was reading on pakistan they developing more quickly compared to india and they barely have democracy.?我不理解印度到处腐败,如何成为mz.中国是gczy,但是他们真的照顾到自己的人民.印度是狗咬狗的地方,你不能什么都往“印度是最大的mz国家”上面靠.我觉得印度的mz不凑效.我在巴基斯坦读过书,他们正比印度发展的快,而且他们几乎没有mz.Omkar Nevrekarforever0042000 Pakistan is not developing faster than India!?巴基斯坦发展没有印度快kar Nevrekarforever0042000 bro if you don't believe I will provide you links that India is developing faster than Pakistan.I checked everything and and all the statistics show that India is developing faster than Pakistan and who said there are only some areas in India that are developing.All the slums in Mumbai are going under redevelopment and there will be no slums in India by 2019.Recently construction of mega projects worth 1.06 lakh crore has started and worlds largest infrastructure project worth 90 billion known As Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor.Pakistan is nowhere near India.And if u have any links to show please provide it.?兄弟,如果不相信,我会给你提供链接证明印度正在发展得比巴基斯坦快我查遍了,谁说的印度只有几个领域在发展?资料和统计数字,都显示印度的发展比巴基斯坦快孟买所有的贫民窟将会重新开放,到2019年,孟买将不再有贫民窟.最近的大型建筑项目价值10.06万卢比.世界最大的基础设施项目—价值900亿的德里孟买工业走廊已经开工.巴基斯坦没有哪一点能接近印度.如果你有链接证明的话,请出示.zHizU C.60 years ago China and India were at same level of poverty after 60 years of your democracy compare your democratic India with our China, India economy is just 1/6 of Chinese economy, China lifted out of poverty 700 million people in the last 35 years lifting their standard of living, and pledged to eradicate poverty in the next 10 years helping the still 70 million in poverty, what about India with its democracy??? China has more billionaires and millionaires than anywhere in the world, China has more women billionaires and millionaires than anywhere, what about India? China has the biggest and most modern infrastructures in the world, world biggest bullet train railway network, biggest and busiest airports, biggest and busiest sea ports, biggest, longest and highest bridges, biggest road and highways network, WHAT ABOUT INDIA WITH Its DEAR DEMOCRACY???If being democratic is like having my country in a state like India, basically ungovernable, you can keep your democracy and be happy with it, we will continue to be "miserable" with our "oppressive" government but enjoying a better standard of living, China is way way ahead of India.?60年前,中国和印度处于相同的贫困水平.60年mz后,你们mz的印度对比中国,印度的经济是中国的1/6.中国在过去的35年间消除了7亿贫困人口.发誓在接下来的10年内完全消除剩下的7千万贫困人口.印度的mz做的怎么样了啊?中国有全世界最多的百万富翁和亿万富翁,中国比其他任何地方的女百万和女亿万都多.印度呢?中国有全世界最大最现代的基础设施,全世界最大的高铁网.最大的机场.最大和最繁忙的港口.最大最长最高的桥梁.最大的公路和铁路网.印度和它亲爱的mz在哪里???如果mz是使我的国家像印度那样子——几乎无法治理,那么,你们可以幸福地保持你们的mz,我们将选择继续“悲惨”地被“压迫”治理,而享受更好的生活水平中国远远、远远领先印度.Internet Connecter+zHizU C. see sir I don't to argue with you. but for your kind information China is the 2nd country to have more no. of billionaire and India is the 4th country in world's largest no. of billionaire. And India is the world's fastest growing economy. And in 10 years India is going to be the richest country of world living behind China and USA. I don't wanna compare because every country has its good and bad sides as China and India both have. bit started comparing so I said this to you . And in power India has the 3rd largest army in world and China has 2nd . I know that China is better than India but we are also heading our way to be better . not better than others but better than ourselves.?先生,明白. 我不是要和你争论.但是还是告诉你一些信息:中国的亿万富翁数是世界第二,印度是第四.而且,印度经济是世界增长最快的.10年内,印度将会是世界最富有的国家之一,仅次于中美.我不是要做比较,因为每个国家都有它好和不好的一面,中印也是如此.一开始是比较,所以我才跟你说这些.在强权方面,印度军队世界第三大,中国第二.我知道中国比印度好,但是我们也向好的路走.不是与他人比,而是跟自己比.Finn Hansen+Internet Connecter 3 largest army ???? Are you saying the india army is bigger than China because nr 1 USA. Nr 2 Russia. Nr 3 China. So you are not the 3 largest army in the world.?军队第三大?你是说印度的军队比中国的还大?因为第一美国,第二俄罗斯,第三中国.所以你们军队不是世界第三大Omkar NevrekarFinn Hansen India has the third largest army China overall is ranked as third and India fourth but India has larger army compared to China.?印度有第三大的军队.中国所有军事是排在第三,印度排第四但是,印度的军队数量比中国的大.Louis ParkerAccording to Cnn,BBC and United Nation news and survey .627Millions Indian don't have toilet and defect everywhere in public place,Trian road and bushes.India is one of the largest number of lack of toilet country in the wolrd.?根据cnn. BBC、美国的新闻和调查6.27亿印度人没有厕所,到处排,三岔路口,小树丛.印度是全世界最缺厕所的国家之一Omkar NevrekarLouis Parker bbc is one of the biggest liar news channel if u want the true statistics I will show you?bbc是最大的假新闻,如果你要真实的数据,我可以给你.Bey YoncePathetic Indians always saying they will surpass China,well,u know what? say it after it comes true?可怜的印度人总是说他们将要超越中国嗯,你可知道什么叫成真之后再说话吗?Zahoor RizviBey Yonce it will definately come true after some time?它绝对在不久就成真.Supreme 12191Bey Yonce fuck u western devil?fuck你个西方恶魔.sumit vashisthaBey YonceGDP ( PPP ) - 2050India = $ 85.97 trillionChina = $ 80.02 trillion?GDP ( PPP ) - 2050年印度 = 85.97 万亿美元中国 = 80.02 万亿美元OMGGGGXXXsumit vashistha did you just make that shit up? It's like India in 2050 will rule the universe ??, stop being an idiot omg?你是在拉一坨吗它恰似2050年时印度将统治宇宙我的天,不要做个白痴Ivan McLaren+sumit vashistha say it after it comes true Indian nigger?成真之后再说话, 印度黑鬼MaD SaM+sumit vashistha Sumit you fucking idiot ;First of all PPP isn't nominal GDPSecond right now china has 3 times more PPP than India (6 times more when it comes to nominal), so how are you expecting India to overtake china in about 30 years ?For all I know if you don't compete with dogs for food that will be good enough?你个fuck白痴首先ppp不是正常的gdp第二,中国ppp现在是印度的3倍(当算GDP时是六倍)那么,你是怎么期望在30年内印度超过中国?我只知道,如果你没有跟狗争食,那将是大好事.Kamallochan Boruahcomment here after 40 years!! then we will discuss who is richer..now India is just developing!?40年后再来这里评评! 那时我们将讨论谁比较富裕....现在,印度要做的是发展!Kamallochan Boruahwe have reached in mars in just our first attempt..india is much more advanced in space technologies than other countries..has largest number of worlds engineers,scientists and doctors, but , its not gd to compare indian infrastructures to other rich countries now. because india is just developing now..as u look at its size and population..better you compare india with any other country in 2050..thank you!!?我们第一次探索火星就成功..印度的空间技术比其他国家先进多了.我们有世界最多的工程师,科学家,医生,但是现在不是跟其他富国比较基础设施的好时机.因为印度现在正在发展...只要你看看它的规模和人口...最好是2050年再来跟其他国家做比较.谢谢!MaD SaM+Kamallochan Boruah look at China's size and population too ... don't make excuses india is one of the most corrupt democratic country in the history ?也看中国的规模和人口.....不要找借口印度是有史以来世界最腐败的mz国家之一.Андрей БердяевI have been in india and it's smelly and poor. I feel sorry for you guys. :(?我到过印度,它臭,穷.抱歉,各位 :(Gregory Crewdson+Андрей БердяевNope,they can afford the most expensive Russian aircraft carrier/fighter jet/submarine,ordinary Indians are poor but not India,LOL.?同意,他们可以支付俄罗斯最昂贵的航母,战斗机,潜艇普通印度人穷,但是印度富. 笑Андрей БердяевEvery country can buy the latest russian jets, not just india. But they still cannot manufactore their own weapons. Except Tejas that has been failed multiple times while test flying in the past 20 years. LMAO?谁都可以买俄罗斯最大的战斗机,除了印度.但是他们还是无法制造自己的武器,除了过去20多年测试飞行是掉过很多次的光辉战机笑掉我牙.Gregory Crewdson+Андрей БердяевYeah,it's like a scam,they just waste money make shit then say we should continue to buy foreign weapons,no one take responsible for it, incredible India.?是的,它更像个丑闻.他们就是浪费钱去造了一坨然后说“我们应该继续购买外国武器”,没人为这个事负责.不可思议的印度